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Briax Work Soap Carton (12)

Briax Work Soap Carton (12)
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Model: WST (12)
Manufacturer: Briax Work Soap
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Box of 12 Work Soap shrink wrapped.




This brilliant soap has many uses from the dirtiest hands to cleaning grime off white collar shirts and grass stains from cricket clothes.

It works extremely well with soiled hands from diesel grease, water based and turps based paint, printing press ink, bakers dough mix, fish scale hands, vegetable stained hands and many, many other uses.


The special ingredients combined with super fine New Zealand volcanic pumice dust will softly remove dirt and grime and leave your hands feeling soft and clean as well as having a most pleasant fragrance. The inclusion of goat’s milk and honey will not dry hands as harsh chemical soaps do.




Ray Marston….Uses Briax Work Soap and said goodbye to Solvol soaps, the difference being between chalk and cheese…a fantastic product…after 67 years of using work soaps, Briax Work Soap is certainly the best.


Trevor Woodd…..Briax Work Soap is easy to use and cuts grime so easily.


Brian Taylor….Briax Work Soap beats the chemical liquid soaps…my hands don’t feel dry after use.


Judith Bignell….Briax Work Soap leaves a delightful fragrance after washing work soiled hands…I enjoy using this product.


Tom Rees….Briax Work Soap is the only soap that has cleared up my Dermatitis…where can I purchase Briax Work Soap in Australia??


Dan Spencer….From Solvol (which feels like Castlecliff Sand mixed with Ashhurst Bore Water) to using Briax Work Soap that lathers and cleans your skin there is no comparison.



The Company is now actively marketing throughout New Zealand via Supermarkets, Steel & Tube Fasteners, Steel & Tube, Trade Zone, Brakes & Transmissions Branches, Ace Auto Parts Auckland, Garden Centres and during a recent visit to Australia a request has come via a Gardening Franchise.


Briax Soap is sold in 100gram single blister packs and twin cellophane wrapped packs, plus sample trial 40gram singles.

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Briax Work Soap Carton (12)
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