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SealWell is not a STOP LEAK product, it is a CLEANER / SEALER that repairs using an exclusive plastic-like material both inside the hole through to the outside. The repair will expand and contract with changes in temperature and operating conditions.

SealWell will repair water leaks, clean rust /corrosion and is an ideal pump lubrcant.


AVAILABLE IN 2 cube blister packs

or boxes of 35.


Customer Testimonials – SealWell


“SealWell is a fantastic product that I have used over the last 10 years. I have found it has great sealing qualities e.g. weeping cylinder head gaskets, heater core leaks and especially for alloy radiators with plastic header tanks. Nothing on the market can compare to the SealWell product”.


Garry Woodruffe - Takanini Automotive,  Takanini.


“I had a problem with a weeping head gasket in a Super Saloon car that was using a litre of water per meeting. The car had ‘Water Wetter’ a water coolant additive. I contacted the SealWell Distributors to find out what effect using SealWell would have. I was advised that it can be used with any Anti-freeze additive or similar product. The result was great! It successfully sealed the leak within half an hour. SealWell is a winner!”


Mel Hills - Caddyshack Racing, Whenuapai


“Our Isuzu car transporter overheated and had a visible crack on the top of the cylinder head, leaking coolant. We put two SealWell blocks in the radiator three years ago, which sealed the leak. We continue to use the vehicle daily. The product worked far better that we anticipated!”


Erik Hoeksema – Lincoln Automatics, Palmerston North


SealWell – This is an amazing product!  I own a collection of classic cars and use it as a preventative product. I had a case in point concerning my 1951 3-wheel Morgan. I just had new Top & Bottom tanks made and they didn’t re core it. When put in car, it leaked like a sieve. Using 1 cube of SealWell – 30 minutes later sealed! It also stopped a weeping Head Gasket leak in the 100E Ford Engine”.


Barry Hoffman


What a great product SealWell is! I first read about this product in the Petrol Head Magazine. I admit that like the rest of you, I was a little sceptical about how this product would work. I had a severely leaking water pump and everything that I read said it was great for head gaskets, radiators, etc … but no mention of water pumps. Read the instructions, placed one broken up cube of Sealwell into the header tank and went for a five-kilometre drive, at the end of this drive the water pump had stopped leaking completely. Thanks to SealWell as this saved me a very expensive repair bill and cleaned out all the corrosion from the cooling system … Fantastic!


Alan Forsyth

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